Money Back Guarantee


We are confident SEALS AS STEEL will repair your vehicles blown head gasket if it does not we will refund the cost of your purchase or replace it with another bottle free if you prefer.
If you would prefer a full refund, we are happy to do so providing you send us a letter from a registered mechanic stating that SEALS AS STEEL did not repair your vehicles blown head gasket.
Terms and Conditions
1) Guarantee refunds will only be issued with a letter from a VAT
registered mechanic stating that the product failed to fix your head
gasket, this letter must include the vehicle registration details along
with what tests where done to ascertain the products failure.
2) Only one refund per vehicle.
3) Refunds will only be issued on the basis that SEALS AS STEEL usage
directions were followed correctly.
4) You must contact us within 40 days of purchase, after this time
period, we will not issue a refund.
5) Once we have issued a refund and this will deemed to be full and
and final settlement against any failure/fault claims resulting from
the use of SEALS AS STEEL and will deemed to have been accepted
by you and therefore be legally binding.

6) Trade customers only one refund will be initiated per year.

7) You will need to provide the full ‘proof of purchase’, please scan
and email your documents to: or post
your documents to:
Engine Revive Ltd
71 – 75 Shelton St
Covent Garden

Photocopies are acceptable.