SEALS AS STEEL is a scientifically advanced formula that seals the heaviest of leaks in head gaskets, cylinder heads, engine blocks, warped heads, heater matrix and radiators. It has been tested independently by Amalgatech Laboratories in Arizona USA to meet stringent ASTM standards. SEALS AS STEEL is an advanced chemical composition formula engineered to repair blown head gaskets and other cooling system leaks permanently in only 20 minutes!
If antifreeze is present it must be drained before adding SEALS AS STEEL. However, if you have been topping up with normal water due to coolant loss, antifreeze is unlikely to be present in the cooling system. When engine is hot use caution in removing and replacing a radiator or coolant cap.
ADVICE: If cooling system contains oil/water mixed sludge, flush cooling system thoroughly before use. If cooling system is building up pressure, remove spark plug before step 2 below and do not replace until after step 7 below. Ensure water is CIRCULATING FREELY in the cooling system before adding SEALS AS STEEL or thermostat may need to be removed.
(1) Flush cooling system thoroughly if antifreeze is present.
(2) Fill cooling system with clean water and run engine until normal
operating temperature is reached then switch off engine.
(3) Turn heater switch to full temperature but do not put the fan on.
(4) Using extreme caution, remove radiator or expansion tank cap.
(5) Shake SEALS AS STEEL bottle and slowly pour into the radiator or
expansion tank, add water as required to reach normal level.
(6) Replace cap and run engine for approximately 20 minutes.
(7) Turn off engine and allow engine to cool before removing radiator
or expansion tank cap.
(8) Flush cooling system. (9) Allow vehicle to sit for 4 – 5 hours.
(10) Connect hoses and refill cooling system, antifreeze can now be
WARNING: Eye and skin irritant. Contains sodium silicate and nitrates.
First aid: In case of contact with eyes flush thoroughly with water for 15 minutes. If irritation persists seek medical attention. For contact with skin wash with soap and water. If irritation persists seek immediate medical help.