If you have any question’s please see the list below. If you cannot find your answer please feel free to contact us via email and we will be happy to answer your question.
(1) I have white smoke coming from the exhaust. What problem does this imply?

A This is steam condensing as it exits the exhaust and hits cold air. The steam is the result of water entering the cylinder(s) due to a head gasket failure. The water boils in the cylinder and is pushed out with the exhaust gases. You may also notice reduced engine performance, starting problems and and misfiring due to wet/fouled spark plugs.

(2) I have creamy/brown deposit on the oil cap or on the oil stick. What does this mean?

This indicates that you have water (coolant) leaking into the oil due to a head gasket problem. The water and oil mix and emulsify which results in the deposits around the oil cap or oil stick.

Check the coolant bottle / radiator as well. If you have caught the problem at an early stage they will not be contaminated as yet. Otherwise, you will need to flush the cooling system before adding SEALS AS STEEL if it is contaminated.
(3) How many bottles of SEAL AS STEEL do I need?

A 1 standard bottle of 355ml will treat engines upto 3.0 litres. Bigger engines require 2 bottles.