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Tested by Amalgatech Laboratories, Arizona, U.S.A.

If you have any of the above symptoms in your vehicle you most definitely have a blown head
gasket. The average cost of repair is £600 – £800 and even more for bigger engines. The cost of repair exceeds the value of the vehicle many times and the vehicle becomes an uneconomical repair. The result is that the vehicle simply gets scrapped or sold off cheaply for spares or repairs

We have the solution for you!

SEALS AS STEEL is an Ultra heavy duty scientifically advanced formula that permanently seals the heaviest of cracks and leaks in head gaskets, engine blocks, cracked and warped heads. It also seals leaks in radiators, core plugs, heater matrix, water pumps and thermostat gaskets. You simply add SEALS AS STEEL to the cooling system and run the engine for 20 minutes only!
SEALS AS STEEL is a break through especially when it comes to repairing leaks in; aluminum heads, larger cracks than normal and back pressure from the cylinder head. Whilst it will work in ALL TYPES of engines, it is especially suitable for BMW’s, Range Rover’s, Vauxhall’s, Fiat’s, Renault’s, Rover’s, Peugeot’s and other makes and models with or without aluminum heads. A permanent repair solution that saves hundreds of pounds in

expensive repair bills.

To date there has been nothing reliable known to repair head gasket leaks like SEALS AS STEEL. The chemical composition of SEALS AS STEEL is a “scientifically advanced formula”
ensuring a head gasket repair even when it looks impossible, leaving competitors products years behind.

How does it work?

When SEALS AS STEEL is added to the cooling system it forms a permanent molecular bond
that is strong as steel, sealing cracks and holes in all types of engines including; cast iron and
aluminum engine blocks, suitable for all petrol, diesel, hybrid and LPG engines in cars, vans,
trucks, motor homes and agricultural equipment. SEALS AS STEEL works by chemical reaction
to perform a permanent repair. The welded area becomes heat resistant to high temperatures
and lasts the life of the engine. It will repair the heaviest of head gasket, head and engine
block leaks even if other products have failed that you previously tried.
SEALS AS STEEL has been tested independently by ‘Amalgatech Laboratories, Arizona, USA’ to
meet stringent ‘ASTM International’ standards.

Instant Repair

Unlike many other products, no need to run your vehicle for hours to seal your vehicles head
gasket / cylinder head leak. You only need to run it for 20 minutes for a fast & permanent repair.

Why choose SEALS AS STEEL?

– Scientifically advanced formula – engineered in US laboratories.
– Works by chemical reaction forming a permanent weld when exposed to cracks & leaks.
– Repairs the heaviest of leaks and blown head gaskets in only 20 minutes.
– The welded area remains heat resistant and lasts life of the engine.
– Will not block the cooling system – suitable for all engines.
Don’t waste your money on other ‘head gasket fix products’ try

“L I Q U I D S C I E N C E A T W O R K!”